I Hate Kayaks

Photo by Pete Nowicki on Unsplash A few weeks ago I penned a blog about sailboats, and I now take aim at an even more primitive craft: kayaks. To put it mildly, I’d sooner get naked and hug a cactus...


Save the Skeeters

Photo by Inge Maria on Unsplash It's been raining a lot in Clearwater lately and we know what that means: mosquito time. But a new and revolutionary initiative is about to dramatically shift the way the world now views mosquitoes....

Guest Posts

Encouraging Words from the Mayor

The Colorful Clearwater blog is being designed to promote the city, its businesses, neighborhoods, and good deeds of residents.  Today’s media often times neglects this community and its environs not only because of budget restraints, but also because of the...


A Haunting Memory

Photo Credit: Kelly S. Kelly Clearwater is a thriving city. The evidence of progress can be seen on every corner and the roads fill with the congestion of beachgoers and snowbirds who seek out our more moderate winter weather. As...


A Fish Fight

At the risk of disappointing readers who would like a treatise on “The Dynamics of Debentures,” I’ve decided that first we must put to bed the following controversy: If you tie a largemouth bass tail-to-tail with a mackerel of the...

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