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Scott Thomas, Clearwater City Council Candidate, Seat 3

“Small-town Values, American Dreams, and Clearwater Hospitality”.   That’s really what I am about – the values on which I was raised, the dreams which we all pursue, and the hospitality that brought me to the most beautiful place on Earth – Clearwater, Florida!

I was born and raised in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, in the heart of the anthracite coal mining area.  A town that is only know for America’s oldest brewery, Yuengling. Pottsville is a very small city, where most everyone knew everyone else.  It is typical small-town America.

I was raised attending the local Lutheran Church, where I eventually served on Church Council and served as the President of the Church Council.  I grew up attending Pottsville Area High School, and shortly after I graduated, at the age of 19, I was elected to serve on the all volunteer school board – an unpaid position I was elected to twice!  As a school director, I helped formulate budgets and negotiate contracts and resolve conflicts and concerns in one of the largest districts in our county.  I took great pride in my public service, and also served as the Vice Chair of our county Zoning Hearing Board.   I am a graduate of a Pennsylvania state system of education University – Kutztown University – where I earned my degree in Public Administration.

In 2014, after my first term on the school board, I wrote and published a book entitled, ‘A Young Man’s Game’. The book focuses on the importance of young people taking an interest in their local government.

As a professional, I work in the nursing home field as a Director of Human Resources.  It seemed natural for me to work in that field, because as a boy and young teenager, my grandparents would take me to volunteer in the local nursing home – visiting residents and playing cards, etc.  Now, I work for HCR ManorCare in Dunedin as the Senior Director of Human Resources and recruitment.  I transferred here with Manor Care almost two years ago, after visiting multiple times and falling in love with the area.   I brought my small-town work ethic and commitment to customer service with me, and I have thoroughly enjoyed living in Clearwater.

I try to live my life like the American dream.  I believe in all that is good about our country, and I believe hard work and effort pays off.  I am young and energetic, and I’m not afraid to tackle the tough issues.

I shocked many in the political world as a young man getting elected to the School Board by knocking on doors and by building bridges to citizens, who wanted someone to listen and represent them.  I was successful, and when I was elected – I did what I said I would do.  I listened, and I acted.  I wasn’t afraid to ask questions or hold someone accountable.  I wasn’t afraid to praise someone that was doing a good job.  I earned the respect and admiration of the administration, teachers, students and parents.  And, I was elected to another term.   I enjoyed my service on the board.  It was time consuming, but it was satisfying and I knew I was making a difference in the lives of people.

This area has so much to offer! It is a natural beauty, but it also has those same small town values upon which I was raised.  People here are respectful and polite, and expect public servants to be honest and hard-working.  They want public officials that are open and willing to listen.  Service is the key word in public service.  And, so, I decided I wanted to pursue election to the Clearwater City Council.

I’ve watched how city leaders continue to make decisions that will impact neighborhoods like your own without the input from those who live, work, and play, in that neighborhood.  This isn’t the way representative democracy should work.  I’ve been working hard and meeting voters so that I can listen to their concerns because that’s what leaders do.

To those in our city that have a business, they will also tell you that it’s not easily done.  Our city is making it more difficult by the day because of the all the red tape that is required even before a business has the chance to open. As we see, business instead choose to go to communities such as Dunedin or Safety Harbor because those communities are actively promoting their strong commitment to business. I’ve been endorsed by the Clearwater Chamber of Commerce (ClearPAC) because they believe I have the energetic fresh ideas needed to get the job done! 

I believe our government should justify every dollar spent and be accountable and that we are meeting our goals.  Our city officials need to be held accountable.  When I served on the school board in my hometown, I voted against reckless spending and I’ll do the same at city hall.  As a Senior Human Resources Director at a long-term care facility in our area, I see hard working individuals every day that strive to be successful so they can put their family in the best financial situation possible.  Being fiscally responsible, I’ll make sure your hard-earned money isn’t going to wasteful projects.

Public Safety will be a top priority.  We must assure that in our changing world, our police and fire have the tools necessary to do their job. I’m proud to say that I’ve been endorsed by the Clearwater Fraternal Order of Police.  We are blessed to have a great group of men and women who keep us safe.  I’ll never compromise our public safety.

I’d like to invite you to fill out an anonymous questionnaire based on the issues facing our city.  Please click visit to complete this survey.

Please help me to become you next member of City Council.  Working together, we can all help Clearwater by making sure that I – Scott Thomas – am your voice on the council.   Scott Thomas:   Small Town Values, American Dreams, and Clearwater Hospitality!”   Thank you for your time and attention, and I would be honored if I can earn your support!

For more information, visit Scott Thomas’s campaign website or his campaign Facebook page.

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