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The other day I was absent-mindedly scrolling through Facebook and came across a post by Monica Moore, discussing her new business – Oh It’s Monica.

I sat up and took note because her venture is quite special, to say the least. She offers pop-up picnics, complete with luxury dinnerware, cushions, and canopy – to name but a few options which can be included in each experience.

As Moore’s website says, “Life gives us lots of moments to celebrate, both big and small. Expanding families with new tiny humans, birthdays, love stories, promotions, or just simply existing and wanting to celebrate another day.”

Naturally, I messaged Moore immediately. I had to know more! She agreed to be interviewed and now for the first time in 30 years, I’m excited to go picnicking! Yogi Bear, look out!

Q: How did you get this wonderful idea?

A:  I’ve always had a love of style and design and used every holiday as an opportunity to have intimate gatherings with my closest friends and family, showing off my newest tablescapes and decor. 

I was in Denver at the time and saw something similar pop up on Instagram and I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, that’s so cool. Let me take that base, make it my own and deliver something even cooler.”

I think experiences are more important than material possessions and I wanted to provide a beautiful, but unique way for people to relax, unwind, forget about the day to day and connect organically with their loved ones. 

Q:  How long have you been doing this?

A: I was doing A LOT of behind the scenes work for most of 2020. Working on building a website that was representative of who I am, growing my inventory to support a breadth of picnic styles, things like that. I knew I had intentions of moving to Florida in March and thought that would be the perfect place and time to officially launch. 

Q: Any fun stories to share?

A: Honestly, every client interaction is so fun for me because they are all in different celebratory places in their lives. I’ve had proposal picnics for young couples getting ready to start their lives together and I’ve had anniversary picnics for people married 30+ years. Surprise sunset picnics “just because” they want to show their loved ones how special they are. Sisters celebrating birthdays and friends celebrating each other. 

Moore currently services the Tampa Bay Area and can do any location (with access within 50 yards of parking) within 40 miles of zip code 34677. She has a list of preferred locations that include both park and beach spots, but picnickers can also specify the spot they have in mind for the occasion.

Two-hour picnic packages for two people start at $199, which includes setup and takedown, a custom picnic table, table linens and table settings, candle arrangement, greenery, customized chalkboard or letter board sign, assorted rugs, blankets and pillows, vintage style Bluetooth speaker, supplemental personal décor, wine/champagne holder with ice, and sparkling or still water for all guests.

And because memorable experiences don’t always have to mean lavish vacations or crazy expensive five-course meals out at a fancy restaurant, Moore offers the “No Place Like Home” luxury picnic experience with a backyard movie night for some of your closest friends and family. It includes some of the above, plus a 100-inch projector screen, mini projector, soundbar, vintage popcorn machine, up to 12 popcorn buckets, two low custom picnic tables for six and a Bluetooth tripod with remote for selfies.

But what about the food, you ask? Moore has several add-on selections:

Morsi D’Amore; Instagram @morsidamore
  • Grazing Box with diverse selection of cheese, meats, and nuts, fresh seasonal fruit, veggies, dips and jams, sweets & crackers
  • Gourmet number box with chocolate-covered strawberries, macaroons, decorative florals, and assorted chocolate
  • Cupcake Ferris wheel

Picnickers are encouraged to bring their favorite snacks, food and drinks. And other options are available for custom parties and events.

Alcohol is not provided in the picnic packages, but if you are over 21 and wish to bring your own beverages, you may do so.

So, be smarter than the av-er-age bear and contact Oh It’s Monica for pic-a-nic basket experience you’ll never forget!

Oh, It’s Monica

(831) 760-6935



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