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Clearwater Mayor to Be Roasted

A unique event promises to bring a much-needed injection of fun and levity to our community. “The Roast of Frank Hibbard” will take place May 20th at Ruth Eckerd Hall. It's the Hottest Event of the Year and the public is...

City Government

New Leader, Returning Leader

By Doug Kelly Running for political office requires a person with a thick neck and sometimes the ability to survive a few arrows to the back. it’s therefore quite a relief that it’s all over for Lina Teixeira, who came...

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Masonry: No Conspiracy Theory

By Doug Kelly I didn’t quite know what to expect when entering a Masonic Lodge 11 years ago. After watching numerous TV documentaries about the mysterious Masons – also known as Freemasons – my curiosity boiled over. However, I was...

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Pelican Brief

By Doug Kelly and Kelly Kelly It's quite inspiring to watch the lady pros crunch 270-yard drives, hit precision iron shots and sink putts with far more regularity than I've ever done it. Kelly and I spent Saturday afternoon as...


Philosophers To Celebrate Centennial

On Friday, October 15th, the centennial anniversary banquet of the Florida League Of Philosophers will be held in Clearwater. What began in 1919 as a gathering of over 100 of The Sunshine State’s brightest minds has declined to less than a...

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How Golf Can Keep from Dying

By Doug Kelly With a college education coming by way of a golf scholarship, I eschewed a career as a wealthy touring pro and instead became a starving writer. I’ve nonetheless kept an interest in the sport with occasional visits...

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A Soppy Doggy Bloggy

By Doug Kelly Just the other day, one of President Biden’s two German Shepherds bit a White House security agent. The two dogs are being transferred back to Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware. It’s upsetting to see things like that...

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