Calling All Clearwater Business Owners!

Do you have a video of your business? Colorful Clearwater will post it and share it on various media platforms for free. That’s right. FOR FREE. There are no strings attached, no hidden sales pitch. Nada.

In fact, Colorful Clearwater will never accept banner ads that clutter up its sleek design. At some very far distant future point in time, we may consider sponsored posts, but for now, Colorful Clearwater showcases the best that our city has to offer for no charge.

In this popular downtown merchants’ video which has been shared thousands of times, Colorful Clearwater contributed 632 additional views to date. Translation: 632 potential customers.

Some business owners have either shared their videos with Colorful Clearwater already or have plans to do so. You do not need to hire an expensive videographer at $1,000 a pop to make a video. You can shoot it on your cell phone and – if you really want to get fancy – also do simple editing (such as adding music or cutting out clips) right on your phone on very-easy-to-use apps such as PowerDirector or Film Maker. Also, it’s best to shoot your video horizontally to eliminate side black edges. Optimum video lengths for viewing and sharing are between one and three minutes.

Need help creating your video or have questions? Contact me at

Be sure to showcase what your business has to offer and make it colorful! Color = Attention. If you have a restaurant, highlight the prepared entrées (and desserts!), dining areas, and smiling employees. And as in the above downtown merchant example, exuberance gets views!

In these tough times, business owners need all the help they can get with advertising in order to survive. And we do want them to survive, right? Imagine a world without your favorite restaurant or shop. Unfathomable!

Don’t have a business in Clearwater? Share this post with your friends and associations to help our city’s economy with some free promotion. You never know who you’ll impact to make someone’s day – and livelihood – just a little better.

Feature photo by Lance Anderson on Unsplash

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