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Candidates File to Run for City Council

Like the start of the Kentucky Derby or the Daytona Beach 500, the competition for three seats on the five-member Clearwater City Council kicked off today, Sept. 21st.

Rosemarie Call, the Clearwater City Clerk , confirmed that at  at the close of the first day of eligible filing, eight individuals had filed to run so far:

Seat 1 (mayor)

Kathleen Beckman and Bruce Rector

Kathleen Beckman
Bruce Rector


Seat 2 – Mark Bunker, Ryan Cotton, Michael Mastruserio

Mark Bunker
Ryan Cotton
Mike Mastruserio


Seat 3 – Michael Mannino, Javante Scott, Jared Leone

Mike Mannino
Javante Scott
Jared Leone

Additional candidates may still file to run for city council.

The candidates must now each collect at least 250 petitions deemed certified by the City Clerk’s office. Clearwater citizens 18 and over who are registered to vote can sign a petition.

Up until the filing, people could announce their candidacies but not collect donations or make expenditures for their campaigns. The Clearwater election takes place March 19, 2024, coinciding with the Florida presidential primary.

For more information on elections and voting, visit the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections website at


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