Remember the Good Old Days – Save Your Memories for Free

I’ve got to admit, I have boxes and boxes of family videos on VHS. One that I filmed even made it on the very first episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos! (Naturally, I had to share it. My video comes...


Clearwater Libraries Reopen to Patrons

The Clearwater Public Library System reopened to the public on Monday, May 18th at 50 percent capacity, according to state guidelines. Patrons will be expected to follow the CDC’s social distancing guidelines of staying 6 feet apart from others that...


A Free Lamborghini?

Who wouldn’t like to have a free car? A Lamborghini even? Okay, it might be only three inches long, but it’d still be cool. The Clearwater Main Library boasts a couple of 3D printers where you can make all kinds...