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City Council Candidate Javante Scott

By Javante Scott

Growing up in the city of Clearwater has allowed me a unique lived experience that residents of Clearwater share on issues impacting our city, not only on the shoreline but in our inland communities as well.  I was born at Morton Plant Hospital and am the oldest of three Scott children. I am a proud graduate of Clearwater High School and St. Petersburg College with a Bachelor of Science in Public Policy and Administration.  In essence, I am homegrown.

I have often been asked why I decided to enter into politics.  Truthfully, it’s not about politics for me.  I am a resident of Clearwater who loves to serve others.  I was raised on the principle that you should treat others how you want to be treated.  I enjoy helping others, solving problems, and creating opportunities.  My love for service is not just something I say but how I carry myself.  Service is why I was chosen to receive the 2019 Anne Frank Humanitarian Award.  I serve the way I do, as often as I do, for one reason – for the LOVE OF PEOPLE.

Not only does growing up in the city of Clearwater provide me with a unique lived experience, but being an employee of the city has given me a distinct perspective on some of the challenges our residents face.  More importantly, my city employee experience gives our residents confidence in knowing that as an elected council member from DAY ONE, I will enter the council with an understanding of our departments and be prepared to continue my service as a full-time council member on behalf of every Clearwater resident.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my campaign journey has been holding relevant conversations with residents and business owners.  These conversations have a common theme.  Our residents want an elected City Councilmember who will help our local government do everything it can to ensure that we remove all barriers that hinder us from a greater quality of life in the areas named above and beyond.  Our council can no longer afford to make decisions solely based on the Clearwater we are today.  Our council must make decisions with an understanding of the Clearwater we intend to be in the future.  I plan to do precisely that.

By now, the above logo, NEXT, has been seen, or the word has been heard throughout my time meeting and greeting residents.  This word represents my campaign and epitomizes how I envision Clearwater.  I see our city as INCLUSIVE, OPPORTUNISTIC, and FUTURISTIC.  Thus, our NEXT means creating a city where we can grow old and our children can grow up in a protected environment.  Our NEXT places Clearwater in a competitive space with surrounding municipalities, enhancing our workforce and improving our quality of life while offering jobs with a benefits package that permits residents to live in the city where they work.  With the help of residents, I am determined to make Clearwater a city that is safe to live in and traverse with an infrastructure that can handle all conditions our city faces, from weather to significant traffic influxes.

NEXT requires something new.  NEXT requires someone new.  NEXT requires someone with new energy and new connections. NEXT requires someone who can bridge the City Council to its adults AND its young adults, and if we want to be the city that upholds the motto of being “Bright and Beautiful – from Bay to Beach,” then we can no longer continue to view our city as it is today.   We must prepare for NEXT!  I am the one who brings Clearwater’s NEXT generation of leadership to the council.

In closing, once becoming an elected official to Clearwater City Council Seat 3, I am not asking residents to elect me to the city’s council so I can begin to lead.  Representing the City of Clearwater in Seat 3 will be an extension of my “service” to our city’s residents.


Javante Scott, Clearwater City Council Candidate, Seat 3

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