Clearwater Bay to Beach Bike Trail

The motto of the City of Clearwater is “Bright and Beautiful – from the Bay to the Beach.”

Back in 2019, I thought it’d be cool to have a GoPro video made of all the trails that bicyclists use to travel from the Bay to the Beach. If you’ve never explored these trails, they offer unparalleled scenic views and meander through some of the city’s nature parks.

The video was made for Colorful Clearwater by videographer Josue Cordero from

The trails in the video are the Courtney Campbell Trail, the Bayshore Trail, the Ream Wilson Clearwater Trail, Duke Energy Trail, Druid Road Trail, and the Clearwater Memorial Causeway Trail.

You don’t need a bike to visit the trails either. Many people walk and run them every day.

For information on even more trails in Clearwater and Pinellas County, visit Trail Link.

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