Clearwater National Citizen Survey Report

Every few years, Clearwater contracts a company to survey its residents for their opinions of Clearwater, Florida. The survey was sent to approximately 2,500 residents and 504 people responded – a 19% response rate.

Citizens were asked their opinions on subjects such as livability, community characteristics (public parking and transportation, traffic flow, quality of education), leadership and governance, services and amenities, and the sense of community. This survey was conducted in 2008, 2014 and 2017.

The results of the latest survey, conducted in 2019, can be viewed here: Clearwater Citizen Survey Results, 2020-02.03

For more information on the survey, contact Clearwater’s Public Information Department.

Heather Parsons, Public Information Coordinator for the City of Clearwater, presents the National Citizens Survey Report at the monthly Clearwater Neighborhoods Coalition meeting.


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