Colorful Clearwater Ranks #22 on the Top 40 Florida Blogs to Follow

According to the Top 40 Florida Blogs & News Websites to Follow in 2020, ranks #22!

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Feedspot is an engaging site lists the Top 40 Florida Blogs and News Websites with stats on Facebook fans, Twitter and Instagram followers, social engagements, Domain Authority and Alexa Rank. It also lists many more blogs than the Top 40, so visit Feedspot for intriguing sites and posts.

Feedspot representative Anuj Agarwal commented, “Blogs are ranked based on regular quality content and the number of shares on social sites.”

“The Feedspot editorial team extensively searched on Google and social media websites to find the best Florida blogs and news websites and ranked them based on several factors such as blog content quality, post consistency, age of the blog, average number of shares on social sites and traffic of the blog.”

For full statistics, visit the Top 40 Florida Blogs and News Websites to Follow in 2020.

The list is as follows:

  1. Florida Politics
  2. South
  3. Visit Central Florida
  4. Florida Gators
  5. Katrina Belle Beauty
  6. Florida Hikes!
  7. Equality Florida
  8. Florida Reddit
  9. Buccaneers – Reddit
  10. Jacksonville Jaguars – Reddit
  11. Let’s Go Heat! Miami Heat – Reddit
  12. Florida Gators – Reddit
  13. Florida Rentals Blog
  14. Flour on My Face
  15. Florida Lifestyles
  16. Florida Travel Life
  17. Florida Condo & HOA Law Blog
  18. Florida Food & Farm
  20. Florida golf
  21. TampaBayContests
  22. Colorful Clearwater
  23. Ocala Home Guide Realty
  24. Frances O. Thomas – Muddling through Retirement
  25. Traveling with Andra
  26. Fang-Freakin-Tastic Reviews
  27. Visit Natural North Florida
  28. This Florida Mom
  29. Seaside Properties
  31. Jacqueline Brown
  32. Beach Group Florida
  33. Florida on the Cheap
  34. HomeMaxi
  35. Floridiana Magazine
  36. Florida Beer Blog
  37. The Florida Pundit
  38. Southern District of Florida Blog
  39. Sanford, Florida – Paradise
  40. Waterfront Gurus

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