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Community Conversations Continue

In-person Community Conversations are scheduled for the next two weeks, and the City of Clearwater wants to hear what priorities you and your neighbors think should be included in the Comprehensive Plan update.

The Planning & Development Department will be hosting seven in-person sessions to build upon the ZOOM sessions that they held earlier this year. These conversations will give you and your neighbors a chance to share your voice about what you feel is important to the community today and priorities to consider over the next 25 years.

The dates and times of these sessions can be found on the city’s Community Conversations page. Please note that the July 14th meeting has been rescheduled to July 20th, still being at the Main Library.

The city would like to hear from as many residents and business owners as possible so that we can create a better informed and well representative Comprehensive Plan.

Now is the time to share your voice!

Share the Community Conversations flyer with friends, family and colleagues!

I was not clear on the difference between the city’s Comprehensive Plan and its Strategic Plan, so I asked Michael Delk, Assistant City Manager. He responded, “The comprehensive plan is a long-range document and is by statutory law required to address matters of public infrastructure, open space, housing, economic development, transportation, etc.  It is to incorporate a capital budgetary program that outlines how levels of service considerations of these components are satisfied. 

“The strategic planning document has generally a “higher altitude” view of the world.  A SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) is usually performed as a basis of generating a strategy plan.  This allows communities or organizations for example to create broad organization priorities to guide public or corporate policy directions and mission.” 

Information and photos courtesy of the City of Clearwater

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