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Dream Interpretations

No one really knows why we dream. Maybe it’s temporary insanity; maybe it’s our subconscious mind seeking relief; maybe it’s simply because can’t do without nightly entertainment while we sleep.

Whatever the reason, I conducted a survey of Clearwater citizens and discovered a remarkable connection between who they are and what they’ve been dreaming. Here are the results, first stating what the dream was about and then my interpretation of who that person is, should be or how he or she really feels.

Dream: You’re marooned on a deserted island with the man, woman or miscellaneous persuasion of your deepest fantasy. Interpretation: Whomever you’re with now has the appeal of a parked car.

Dream: You’re completely naked in a crowd of people with everyone pointing and laughing at you. Interpretation: You need to lose (a lot) of weight.

Dream: You constantly get into arguments with friends, relatives and even strangers. Interpretation: You’re an attorney.

Dream: You seem to be on all sides of an issue and seldom answer a direct yes or no question. Interpretation: You’re a politician.

Dream: You win the lottery. Interpretation: You’re flat broke.

Dream: The price per barrel of oil goes back to over $100 Interpretation: You own a gas station.

Dream: Complete strangers want to buy cakes and pies from you. Interpretation: You own a bakery.

Dream: You sleep with something furry every night. Interpretation: You own a dog.

Dream: There’s an earthquake and you sleep through it. Interpretation: You’re a cat.

Dream: You win the Masters. Interpretation: You’ve never broken 80.

Dream: You’re lying in a hammock in Bora Bora sipping a Pina Colada. Interpretation: You’re bored.

Dream: You win a contest sponsored by Donut World. Interpretation: You’re a cop.

Dream: Everyone you meet is overly friendly. Interpretation: You’re a mafia don.

Dream: You get a sudden urge to eat rabbits and squirrels. Interpretation: You’re an owl.

Dream: You win the Pulitzer Prize for literature. Interpretation: Keep dreaming, Doug.

Feature photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

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