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Claudia Arcabascio was born in Italy – the youngest of four kids – to a French mother and Italian father. She grew up in Venezuela and loved to watch her mother cook – a woman who seemed to put magic into the food she served.

“Eating at home was a real feast. Mama had a high level of ethics and always tried to use the best and finest ingredients in the market to give elegance and good nutrition to guests,” Claudia said.

Claudia took careful note and learned from her mother – who had in turn learned from her mother. Claudia’s grandmother – in her little bistro – made people forget the bitter tastes of war in desolate, postwar France.

In time, Claudia’s mother, learned other dishes and flavors from her Italian husband’s mother, whose family emigrated to Venezuela after the war.

Claudia grew up with a mixture of flavors and cultures.

When Claudia was nine years old, she started making cakes. Her father – her number one admirer – bought her cake pans and ingredients to make cakes and other dishes.

Claudia feels comfortable in the kitchen. She has a passion for cooking. Whenever she had the opportunity, she prepared banquets for her family and friends. She loved seeing people enjoy the love she so ardently put into her recipes.

She learned cuisines from the three cultures of her home and family – Venezuela, France and Italy, including Flan (or Quesillo) – a traditional Venezuelan dessert, Crème Brûlée – a traditional French dessert, and Panna Cotta – a traditional Italian dessert.

As an adult, Claudia practiced law for 14 years and owned her own law firm in Venezuela. She came to the United States 19 years ago to recover after being ill. In Los Angeles, living with her mother and sister, she worked as a Director, managing a legal department of lawyers. And she practiced her other passion – cooking.

Over the years, she became famous among her friends and family for her flans and cakes. They encouraged her to share her recipes with the world.

“Cooking is an art,” Claudia  proclaimed. “I’m really passionate about it.” She loved it so much, in fact, that she decided to go into business.

Six years ago, she came to Florida and opened a bakery – Claudia’s Heavenly Flans and Cakes – in Clearwater on October 2, 2019.

Claudia’s desserts are always made with the highest quality, all natural, GMO-free ingredients on the market – without chemicals and additives, including cage-free eggs. She doesn’t use shortening or imitation vanilla. Her desserts are sugar free, Keto friendly, gluten free, organic, or a combination of all four.

Claudia’s Heavenly Flans & Cakes’ unique creations include traditional tiered cakes and contemporary custom designs, such as specialty cakes, build-your-own cakes, Pavlova-style cake, tres leches cakes, cookies, tiramisu, wedding cakes, brownies, cupcakes (including build-your-own cupcakes), pies, cheesecakes and flans – all made from scratch.

Each decorated creation is a piece of art and love, and every flan and cake tastes just as good as it looks.

Claudia’s store is located in the industrial complex behind Toyota Clearwater on U.S. 19 and she offers local delivery within 10 miles.

Claudia’s Heavenly Flans and Cakes

21957 US 19 N, Clearwater

(727) 754-6857

Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

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