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Explore Clearwater Beach (without Actually Being There)

If you’re anything like me, it’s hard being confined and unable to travel. You probably miss going to your favorite Clearwater Beach restaurant, store or happy place. Here are some ways to explore Clearwater without actually getting out of the house.

Live Clearwater Beach web cams

Sneak a peak at real-time happenings by viewing these webcams. There’s probably not a whole lot going on right now, but they can remind you of why Clearwater Beach is so special.

Web cams on the City of Clearwater website

Clearwater Beach Live Webcam

Visit St. Pete/Clearwater’s live beach cams

View of Clearwater Beach and Pier from Pier House 60 Hotel

Clearwater Beach and Pier 60 webcams, including Opal Sands Resort and Crabby’s Dockside


YouTube cams and videos

Now here you’ll find some really cool videos – from GoPro biking and walking to aerial drones! Just search for Clearwater or Clearwater Beach and the sky’s the limit.

Here’s a cool one: a video aerial of Captain Memo’s Pirate Ship Cruise by Platinum Drone Productions

or Frenchy’s Clearwater Beach cam


Google Earth

If you haven’t played around on Google Earth to explore your city or neighborhood, get ready to spend some serious time-wasting! Here’s how:

Click Launch Earth (blue button on top right)

Click magnifying glass on left side of screen

In Search bar, type in Clearwater Beach or Clearwater, FL

To zoom in or out, click the minus (-) or plus (+) signs at bottom right

To pan in different directions, put cursor on the screen and move to what you’d like to see.


Google Maps

Another fun one is Google Maps. You can explore live photos of streets, businesses and houses by turning 360 degrees in any direction.

In Search bar, type in Clearwater, FL or Clearwater Beach, FL or a specific address

To zoom in or out, click the minus (-) or plus (+) signs at bottom right

To pan in different directions, put cursor on the screen and move to what you’d like to see.

Click on Satellite View to explore by aerial camera.

Click on a specific property and then click on Street View. Put your cursor on the image to pan 360 degrees around! Click up the street to move along the streets. Continue to pan 360 degrees around!

Facebook groups

Facebook groups provide a great way to interact with other fans, ask questions and see pretty awesome photos and videos. Groups can be either Public or Private. They can be general groups promoting one destination, or groups that highlight a particular business, such as a restaurant or hotel. There are usually rules to follow, such as No Hate Speech. If you haven’t yet joined one, consider some of my favorites:

We ❤ Clearwater Beach

Holiday Inn & Suites Clearwater Beach

The Holiday Inn & Suites on Clearwater Beach boasts a local well-known celebrity – George, a great white heron, who likes to hang out at the hotel’s restaurant, Jimmy’s Fish House & Iguana Bar, enjoying the great panoramic water view!

Colorful Clearwater (of COURSE I’m going to hype this one!) While relatively new, this group shares some interesting and colorful content!

Pier 60 (Clearwater Beach, Florida)

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore Clearwater Beach – without leaving your house!

Stay safe and Happy Travels!

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