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Food Truck Rally Makes Clearwater Colorful … and Delicious

Decisions, decisions… It’s not easy when you’re faced with thousands of cuisine choices. That was the dilemma for those who flocked to Clearwater’s Coachman Park for the Guinness Worlds Records holder’s 10th Anniversary of the World’s Largest Food Truck Rally for a food-filled weekend from November 30 – December 1.


Rainbow-hued trucks filled the parking lot – making Clearwater truly colorful. Sensational aromas beckoned connoisseurs. A stagecoach, a school bus – several trucks proved to be works of art, in and of themselves with beautiful graphics and designs.



One truck, Gotta Lotta Gellatta, traveled the farthest – from Maine! (But can you blame them with this beautiful weather?)  And everywhere you looked, people were lingering, trying to decide from tantalizing global and fusion menus.

Several vendors, such as Burnt Edges Bakery, Juli’s Restaurant, and Marek’s Kielbasa, were locals from Clearwater, so fans can revisit all year long! A personal local favorite is Frushi Fruit, with their tropical fruits rolled in gluten-free soy or fruit papers to look like sushi. I make a beeline for them every time I see them at an event!



Generation Entertainment Florida was hoping to break two new world records. Although a new world record did not come through – alas, they were just a few trucks short – the event was a scintillating sensation for palates. The final food truck count was 145, but that did not include the vast number of non-food truck vendors and merchant stalls. The total number of trucks and vendors came out to almost 200.

But have no fear! Generation Entertainment Florida says they’ll be back next year for another shot at breaking their already-held world record. My mouth is already watering…


The event was a great success, world record or no. The lot swarmed with people (and hopeful pets!) anxious to try everything from New England clam chowder to N’Awlins crawfish.


From Alligator to Ziti, offerings included most everything your heart desired. For a full list of food trucks and vendors, visit Generation Entertainment’s Facebook page.

For entertainment, live professional wrestling presented by Generation Championship Wrestling occurredin an actual ring, much to the delight of onlookers. Admission and entertainment was free.

So, I know many are already looking forward to next year, me included! I wonder what I’ll choose…


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