How To Save Money On A/C This Summer

By Walter Bennett

The summer heat in Florida is hard to beat, and with every passing year, the temperature is rising. As the temperature continues to rise, more and more homeowners are increasing their use of air conditioning systems for a comfortable living environment. However, increased use of air conditioners will put a significant strain on the unit and components.

On top of that, it will lead to high operating costs paired with high energy bills. However, homeowners can now easily save money on the use of air conditioning. In this blog, explore how to save money on A/C this summer to enjoy a cool environment without going bankrupt.


8 Tips to Save Money On A/C This Summer

Relying on a programmable thermostat, ensuring proper ventilation, etc., are some of the ways you can save money on air conditioning systems.

1.    Rely On Ceiling or Table Fans

If you are looking for an easy way to lower A/C operating costs, rely on the fans in your home. Turn the fans on to help the air in your home distribute evenly. Ensuring proper circulation will help to maintain a cool environment indoors.

Turn the ceiling fans along with the air conditioner. You will be able to enjoy cool and calm surrounding even if you increase the thermostat temperature by a few degrees. This will reduce the strain on the AC by decreasing energy consumption.

2.    Place A Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are game changers in the world of HVAC systems. Homeowners can easily set and adjust the temperature of the air conditioning system for different times of the day. You can either turn off the air conditioner when you are not at home or set it at a higher temperature to prevent overcooling. You can now simply control the programmable thermostat from any location out of your home as well with the help of a smartphone, tablet, etc.

3.    Ensure Regular AC Servicing

Scheduling air conditioning system maintenance on a regular basis will help homeowners to rely on an efficient and long-lasting system. In addition, scheduled servicing will ensure to save your money on significant repairs and excess electricity bills.

Make sure to clean the HVAC filters on time and replace damaged components. For efficient cooling during the summer, HVAC experts typically prefer maintenance work once every month. Make sure that you carefully choose the maintenance team for servicing the air conditioner to prevent damage.

4.    Ensure Natural Ventilation

The summer month is not always super-hot, and on cooler days, you can easily save some money on air conditioning systems. When the outside temperature is on the cooler side, open the doors and windows of the home. This will allow the fresh air to travel inside your home and will maintain a comfortable temperature indoors. Additionally, it will assist with improving the overall air quality of the home.

5.    Rely On Proper Shading

When direct sunlight from the outside enters the home, it can significantly increase the indoor temperature. Proper shading of the house is crucial to prevent the sunlight from increasing the temperature inside. To do this, you can rely on the big trees outside the home or use shading films or awnings to block the heat. This will reduce the overall heat inside the home and reduce the strain on the air conditioning system.

6.    Use Dehumidifiers

Another great way of saving money on air conditioning systems is to rely on a dehumidifier. When the humidity level inside the home is high, it will make the indoor temperature feel warmer than it really is. As a result, homeowners will have to increase the usage of their air conditioners to maintain a comfortable environment.

Using a dehumidifier will help you to remove the excess moisture from the air and bring the humidity levels down. This will make your home cooler and more comfortable. On top of that, homeowners can increase the thermostat temperature a little.

7.    Close The Curtains & Blinds

Direct sunlight entering the home will increase the indoor temperature by a few degrees. As a result, the air conditioning systems will be forced to perform harder in order to ensure the required temperature for comfort. However, keeping the curtains and blinds of your home closed will help to block the direct sunlight and its impact on the indoor temperature. This will ensure that the air conditioner consumes less energy, thus, reducing energy bills.

8.    Seal The Home Properly

Cracks in the windows, air leaks, and so on can be found in almost every home. However, these leaks in the house can cause the cold air from the air conditioner to escape and allow hot air from the outside to enter. This will put significant pressure on the air conditioner, causing it to work hard to maintain the required temperature.

To avoid this, make sure that you seal the home properly and cover all leaks or cracks. This will prevent the air from escaping outdoors and allow the air conditioner to work without any additional strain on the units.



Surviving the summer without an air conditioning system is quite difficult due to the rising hot temperature of summer. However, putting a dent in your pocket because of the high operating costs of an air conditioner is not a viable solution as well. However, there are several ways homeowners can reduce the overall operating cost of A/C.

By following the tips mentioned above, homeowners can save a significant amount of money on their air conditioning systems this summer. However, make sure that you put emphasis on the air conditioner servicing, thermostat adjustment, and insulation.


Walter E. Bennett specializes in intricate HVAC design, air duct cleaning, repairing and maintenance.

Feature image Image by Larisa Koshkina on Pixabay


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