Join the Fun with the Bay Area Concierge Association!

If you’re a member of a Tampa Bay business community, there’s an organization that combines unique outings with a chance to forge new relationships.

Founded in 1996, the Bay Area Concierge Association (BACA) promotes awareness of the local business community and attractions by organizing events, educational programs and other entertaining activities that help those in the hospitality industry inform visitors about Tampa Bay.

Carolyn “CC” Cavallaro-Veltre is a concierge for the Meridian On Sand Key and the Vice President of BACA. Her upbeat demeanor is contagious and she’s a veritable matchmaker when it comes to introducing members to those who can help you better your business.


 “Members meet, mingle and build a network of diversified industry relationships,” said CC. “BACA gives them an opportunity to come to events for free or for a low fee, providing comradery and valuable connections.”

She explained that members enjoy exclusive invitations to many Tampa Bay area attractions, venues and restaurants. That drives BACA’s mission to support the growing tourism industry in the Tampa Bay area, and to promote education and exceptional service to hotel guests and the hospitality industry.

Upcoming member events include a StarLite cruise on June 15, the Fairgrounds St. Pete on July 13, and the James Museum on August 10.

New member Stephanie Cantrell is the Regional Account Executive for WhereTraveler, a company providing print and digital products. Stephanie added that WhereTraveler has a great partnership with BACA. “I’ve found so much value in networking with all of the members and affiliate businesses to learn about what is going on in the industry,” she said.

If you’re thinking that you may not qualify to join, membership is open to many more than those in the hotel business. An Affiliate Associate Membership is valid for hospitality businesses and organizations that have a direct relationship to services or attractions that a concierge would offer a guest or client, such as attractions, theme parks, zoos, aquariums and museums. The same applies to transportation providers such as limousines, motor coaches, rental cars and boats as well as tourism marketers and publication representatives, golf clubs, sports teams, dining yachts and Restaurateurs.

Of course membership is also open to those in the hotel industry. The A Concierge level is for primary front-line guest service providers in hotels, condominiums, hospitals or office buildings. That can include hotel lobby and executive lounge concierges, all hotel managers, rooms and guest services directors, bell captains and bellmen, and Welcome Center managers.

Regular monthly meetings and events are held at a variety of locations.

If you fancy fun outings and meeting interesting people, BACA is for you.

To join the Bay Area Concierge Association, visit



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