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Popular Clearwater Blog Finds a New Home

For five years, has been keeping residents and tourists informed about Clearwater, Florida. It currently ranks #20 in Florida’s Top 70 Blogs on Feedspot. Now this popular blog will have a new home at

I Love Clearwater was created as a central hub for Clearwater to link popular websites and businesses together. It educates visitors on events and entertainment, hotels, restaurants, parks, and local artists and authors. It highlights local authors and artists, neighborhoods, charities and other organizations. I Love Clearwater aims to be the one stop place for everything Clearwater.

Besides selling merchandise, I Love Clearwater will continue the five-year tradition of a blog with articles accompanied by stunning photography and videos.

Why is a blog important?

A city blog is a platform for sharing information, news, events, and updates about a particular city. It serves as a central hub for residents, visitors, and businesses to stay informed and connected with what is happening in the community.

Some of the key factors of a city blog include:

1. Community Engagement: A city blog helps to foster a sense of community by providing a space for residents to share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences. It allows for open communication and dialogue between residents and local government officials.

2. Promoting Local Businesses: A city blog can showcase local businesses, events, and attractions, helping to promote economic growth and support small businesses in the community.

3. Tourism Promotion: A city blog can serve as a valuable resource for tourists looking for information about the city, including attractions, restaurants, accommodations, and events. It can help to attract visitors and boost tourism in the area.

4. Keeping Residents Informed: A city blog can provide important updates on city projects, infrastructure improvements, road closures, and other news that may impact residents. It helps to keep residents informed and engaged in local issues.

5. Building a Sense of Identity: A city blog can help to build a sense of identity and pride in the community by highlighting its unique culture, history, and achievements. It can showcase the best of what the city has to offer and celebrate its diversity and vibrancy.

Overall, I Love Clearwater will play a crucial role in connecting residents, promoting local businesses, attracting tourists, and fostering a sense of community and pride in the city. The site will be an important tool for communication and engagement that helps to strengthen the fabric of the community.

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