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Sean Shares – Brighter Days Ahead

Over the past weeks, it has been a challenging, and a strange adjustment to move from my normal routine to isolation, as I am sure it has been for many people. During this time of self-isolation I’ve contemplated whether or not I could still partake in my regular activities (outside), with the notion that I’m only one person, and would certainly not spread, or contract the Coronavirus. When I got to thinking about this, I began to think more carefully about what my daily activities consisted of: attending classes, eating at restaurants and participating in community meetings or events. Once I had determined my regular schedule, I thought more closely about the large number of different people that I have interacted with on any given day. When I thought about, it would be so difficult to pinpoint where each of these people had been, and who they had interacted with. Through this process, it became very clear that this is why social-distancing is critically important, not only to ensure that people remain safe and healthy, but to lower the spread of the Coronavirus. Although this is certainly not the Spring that so many had been looking forward to having for so long, I believe that if we endure this secluded time of isolation now, we will be able to enjoy less difficult times that lie ahead that much more.

By no means is the Coronavirus over, but it has been refreshing over the past few days to see the projections of the overall case totals both here in Florida, and across the United States decrease. I truly believe that this is the case, in a large part, due to how seriously many people have taken this virus. Although it may be very difficult to do, I ask that you try to remain optimistic, and continue to practice social distancing, and limiting visits to crowded venues, so that together, we can help slow the spread of this virus, and look to the bright days that lie ahead. Above all else, please stay safe.

– Sean Schrader

Featured photo by Kyle Cottrell on Unsplash
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