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Sounds of the Everglades in Downtown Clearwater

The Clearwater Community Redevelopment Agency is excited to announce a new sound art installation in Downtown Clearwater that will immerse the public in the sounds of the Everglades. The public is invited to take a step off an urban street...


An Explosion of Color!

Come out and see Clearwater’s latest #brightandbeautiful mural in downtown! You can check out this vibrant design by Cecilia Lueza at the intersection of Cleveland Street and Garden Avenue. Clearwater’s ongoing commitment to the arts continues with the city’s newest mural at the intersection...


Meet the Flockers

If you've driven around Downtown Clearwater in the last two weeks, you might have noticed something a little different – front yards littered with plenty of plastic pink flamingos. Kelly Kelly Imagine: a flock of flamboyant flamingos, decked out with...