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Clearwater Marine AquariumFlorida Attractions

Aquatic Animal Adventures

Swim with a cacophony of creatures in these unique underwater encounters. One of the most frequently asked questions that visitors to Clearwater have is, “Where can I swim with dolphins?” Unfortunately, there are no opportunities for swimming encounters with any...

Bakeries and CafesVideos

Savor Healthy Delicious Treats

Heidi's Feel Good Foods crafts sweet and healthy snacks and desserts, using wholesome and organic ingredients, which are scrumptious and truly good for you. Our foods are raw, vegan, paleo, keto (sugar-free), non-gmo and gluten-free so you can feel good...


Happy Birthday Colorful Clearwater!

It certainly doesn’t seem that long ago, but on September 1st , Colorful Clearwater turns 1 year old! Although the first post, Clearwater Celebrates America, was actually written in July, the public announcement wasn’t made until September 2019. Since that...

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