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Candidates File to Run for City Council

Like the start of the Kentucky Derby or the Daytona Beach 500, the competition for three seats on the five-member Clearwater City Council kicked off today, Sept. 21st. Rosemarie Call, the Clearwater City Clerk , confirmed that at  at the...


Discover the First Residents of Clearwater

If you asked the average person on the street what Native Americans originally lived in Clearwater, you’d probably hear “Seminoles” or “Calusas.” Yet the natives who lived in Northern Pinellas and Western Pasco counties for over 500 years until the...


Happy Hunting!

You can help celebrate Florida Bicycle Month throughout the month of March by joining the second free self-guided "Bike Your Own City" biking scavenger hunt, hosted by Forward Pinellas. Throughout the month of March, participants will be challenged to find...

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