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Jolley Trolley Begins Non-Stop Routes Between Clearwater Beach and John’s Pass

Starting June 4, adventurer seekers can discover the charming sights of John’s Pass on the John’s Pass Jolley Trolley. This old-style fishing village offers a scenic view of John’s Pass Waterway and the Gulf of Mexico – all within steps...

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Of Good and Bad Restaurant Service

By Doug Kelly Waiting on tables involves a lot more than just delivering food and drinks. We’ve all run into servers who elevate our dining experience by being prompt, knowledgeable, attentive and friendly. We’ve also encountered horse-faced servers who display...

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Stoned Again

Being raised as a somewhat straightlaced kid, a new girlfriend in high school noted my confusion when on our third date she asked, “Hey, you wanna get stoned?” Ask me that now and instead of confusion you’ll witness a glazing...

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