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Working from Home With a Brand New Puppy

By Jessica Brody

One of the best things about running your own Clearwater business from home is having the freedom and flexibility to surround yourself with the things you love. You get to spend more time with your family and set your office up just the way you like, plus you can finally take the plunge and get that new puppy you’ve always wanted. Because your business is still new, though, you may be worried about taking on additional responsibility, especially one that can steal your focus so easily. Here’s sound advice from business and pet owners who have been there, presented by Kelly Kelly’s Colorful Clearwater.

Try To Time It Right

It won’t be good for you, your business, or your puppy to bring it home and dive right back into work. If you possibly can, arrange for a day or two off after you bring your new puppy home. That way, you’ll get in some playtime, training sessions, and snuggling before you shift your focus back to your job. Using that time to completely focus on welcoming your new family member will refresh and revitalize you, which is much-needed in the midst of launching a new business in Clearwater.

Decide If Your Office Will Be Off-Limits

Be honest with yourself about whether you can actually get work done with your new dog in the room. Puppies need a lot of sleep, so it may not be as difficult as you think, especially if you start your pup off in a crate. The puppy can take naps in the crate while you work, and you can schedule short breaks to take your pet outside.

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Realistically, a puppy probably needs more supervision and playtime during the workday than you can handle alone, so consider hiring a pet sitter to help during the first few months.

Expect Challenges and Be Patient

As a new business owner, you understand that things can get really bumpy before they get smooth. The same is true for life with a new puppy. Housebreaking and keeping your dog from chewing and getting into everything is hard work and takes time. If you keep the perspective that these early days are as short and precious as they are trying, you can enjoy them for what they are and look forward to a calmer, easier canine companion in the not-too-distant future.

Keep Moving Your Business Forward

At the same time, don’t let the highs and lows of puppy parenting prevent you from looking out for your Clearwater business’s best interests. Consider registering your company as an LLC to prevent creditors from going after your personal assets in the event of a business-related lawsuit. You’ll also save money on taxes because you won’t be taxed once on business revenue and then again when you draw a personal income from it. It’s easy to do on your own or through a formation service, which saves money on lawyer fees. Just make sure to follow Florida LLC regulations.

You’re no stranger to hard work and understand it’s usually necessary to reap big rewards. The challenges you experience now with having a new business and puppy at the same time will pale in comparison to the satisfaction both will bring you before you know it.

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